Community Garden Planning Worksheet

Discuss these questions and work together to generate ideas and polices for your community garden.  Add more questions as necessary and delete when appropriate.

Garden name _______________________________________________________________________________

Garden Opening Date __________________________   Closing Date___________________________

People and Plots


How many plots? ________________________________

How many people? ______________________________

Will there be plot fees? _________________________

If so, how much? _________________________________


What do plot fees include? (water, tilling, tools, etc.) ______________________________________

What is the process for plot selection? ______________________________________________________

What about for last year’s gardeners? _______________________________________________________

What are specific plot care requirements (weed control, etc.) _____________________________

What if the plot is not planted or maintained? _____________________________________________

Will a warning be given? _________   By whom? ______________   After how long? _____________

What should gardeners have accomplished by the closing date? __________________________

Will a portion of the fee be refunded if gardener leaves plot in good condition? _________




What are the garden’s policies on: 

Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers? 


(Strongly recommend only organic pest controls and fertilizers, and no herbicide use)


If a garden OK’s chemical use, what are application rules? (for example on windy days?)


Compost Bin and its maintenance: _______________________________________________

Water _______________________________________________________________________________

Tools _______________________________________________________________________________

Overripe/diseased vegetables ____________________________________________________


Tall or vining plants? _______________________________________________________________

What are the garden’s policies on: 

Trash ________________________________________________________________________________

Parking ______________________________________________________________________________

Locking of gate ______________________________________________________________________

Are gardeners responsible for a common garden task? __________________________

Are gardeners responsible for weeding the paths around their plots? __________

Are non-gardeners and children permitted in the garden? _______________________

What about pets? ____________________________________________________________________ 




Who should be notified if there is a problem in the garden? ___________________________________________

What should a gardener do in case of an extended absence? __________________________________________

Will there be a treasurer? ___________________   A bank account? ________________________

Who will cut the grass on the borders and boulevards? _______________________________

Will the garden have a bulletin board or information kiosk? __________________________

Do gardeners want to order seeds or plants as a group? ______________________________


Garden Features


Will the garden: 

Set aside a plot for a food shelf? ____   Who will tend it? ___________________________________________________

Include plots accessible by wheelchair?____________________________________________________________

Have a picnic table, bench, trellis or sandbox? ____________________________________________________

Set aside space for perennial plants (raspberries, strawberries) or fruit trees? _________________

Have a flower border? _________________   Who will tend it? _________________________________________

What about a spring work day? _____________________________________________________________________




Must gardeners attend group work day? ___________   When? _________________________________________________

What about a regular gardening time? ______________________________________________________________

What about a harvest potluck? _______________________________________________________________________