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Meet the Team

Aubrey Alvarez

Aubrey Alvarez

Executive Director

Mike Armstrong

Mike Armstrong

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Who We are

Eat Greater Des Moines (EGDM) is a central Iowa-based non-profit organization that facilitates and builds connections to strengthen the area’s food system.

Our mission is to unite the community by providing quality food access for all.

We build communities through food.


Our Vision

We know that our community can’t overcome the challenges we face without addressing people’s basic need That isn’t just food, it’s quality food. 

Access to quality food is a fundamental ingredient for a healthy life and Eat Greater Des Moines is working to build a food system that works for everyone.


How We Work

Our power is in our network. We recognize that none of this work can be done alone. Because of our unique position working at a system level, we can connect the dots and see potential partnerships and collaborations that may be overlooked. 

By bringing these partners to the table, we empower them to build relationships, share information and provide education to create innovation, forward-thinking solutions—bringing equity and dignity to our food system. We act as a facilitator to move these ideas into action to fill the gaps within the current system.



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