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Are you a local restaurant or grocery store wanting to purchase from a local grower? Do you need to find a food pantry or free meal site? Use our maps to help you find what you need and get connected. Whether you are a restaurant, grocery store or caterer looking to serve local food or trying to find a free meal site, we can help you get connected. Eat Greater Des Moines will help foster these connections and will ensure food access for Central Iowans. 

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Title: 7 Pines Farm
7 Pines Farm
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Dan & Julie Beugher
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 515-710-4431
Description: We are a small 11 acre USDA Certified Organic farm. We believe in sustainable farming practices and humane livestock practices. We currently have 1 high tunnel but are planning another for later this year. We started farming our property in 2008 and have been expanding ever since. We are a licensed food manufacturing plant and produce pickled sweet jalapenos, salsa, and salsa verda. we also do catering using as much of our own and local produce as possible.
Description: Letttuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, onions, garlic, radishes, turnips, peppers (green & jalapeno), salsa, salsa verda, pickled sweet jalapenos.
Description: We are USDA Certified Organic. Processing of our products is done in a state inspected facility.
Title: Angel’s Acres/Let Them Eat Cake
Angel’s Acres/Let Them Eat Cake
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Dale Gruis
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 515-490-2412
Description: Angel’s Acres is a small hobby farm in Southeast Warren county. We produce all natural chickens, brown chicken eggs, and vegatables using organic and sustainable methods. We believe that nature knows what she is doing, and if we help out a little and take care of what we have, she’ll share her bounty with us.
Description: Brown natural chicken eggs. Whole processed chickens.
Description: For all of our products we believe in nature doing most of the work. We don’t use hormones or anti-biotics. Our chickens free range all day in a protected fenced area where they eat as many bugs and plants as their hearts desire. We do supplement their diet with vegetables from our garden and an organic chicken food from Webster City, Iowa. When it comes to the chickens’ health, we believe prevention is the key. Their coop gets a quick cleaning every day, a full cleaning (taking everything out) every week, and a deep cleaning every 3 months (taking everything out and scrubbing it down). We make sure the birds have enough room in completely dry shelters, thus reducing the possibilities of bugs. We also check our birds every day and have a quarantine area set up in case we find a bird that does have a health issue, thus minimizing anything spreading through our birds. For our vegetables we us only organic seeds and gardening practices. We do not use herbicides or pesticides. We use compost and manure to enrich our soils. We rotate our crops and plant cover crops to replenish some of the nutrients taken out by the previous crop and to prevent soil loss. Every year we test our soils to see where we are, and that help guides our rotation. We plan our garden so the combination of different vegetables and flowers help prevent diseases and pests while encouraging pollinators. Our back up pest control is our chickens. We let a few into the garden to help munch up the insects.
Title: Anna’s Place Poultry Products
Anna’s Place Poultry Products
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Ronald Bartlet
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 515-986-0565
Description: Broiler chickens: whole, 1/2 chicken, cut-up, & parts (brstmt, hndqrters, wings, livers, etc.) duck, farm fresh brown eggs
Description: All birds are outdoors birds on grass. An all grain feed consisting of locally grown corn, soy meal with added vitamins, minerals, but NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO HORMONES, is fed along with vitamins, electrolytes and mineral in the water.All birds are processed at an OFFICIAL (By Iowa State Law for commercially sold chickens). They are then double bagged for improved freezer storage.I have 7 commercial freezer where the birds are frozen after processing.To bring my birds home to my freezer building from the processing plant (1 hr 45 min away) they are packed with ice in two freezer boxes on my pickup.
Title: Balance Autism
Balance Autism
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Julie Beougher
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 515-957-3382
Description: The Homestead is an Iowa based living and learning center for Iowans with autism. Every day we strive to develop and utilize innovative strategies that help the people we serve become more independent and skilled in their lives. The Homestead provides services to people of all ages and abilities through programs designed to foster growth and skills acquisition. One of the ways we are providing this service is through The Homestead’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. Our diversified fruit and vegetable farm is a great place for the people we serve to maximize their potential as workers while also receiving the guidance necessary to be successful. In addition to our farm, we also operate a 5,000 square foot greenhouse that is used to produce custom grown bedding plants and transplants for our farm.
Description: In season fruits and vegetables. Custom grown, Certified Naturally Grown vegetable transplants and bedding plants. Holiday Poinsettias
Description: Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG). This means that our production methods meet or exceed the regulations set forth by the National Organic Program. CNG farms are inspected on a yearly basis by participating farmers or other professionals who are committed to ensuring strict adherence to CNG rules and regulations.
Title: Berry Patch Farm
Berry Patch Farm
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Dean Henry
Contact E-Mail:,
Contact Phone: 515-382-5138, 877-382-5138
Description: We are a family farm, which started pick your own strawberries 36 years ago. Judy and Dean and our son Mike live on the farm, which is located at 62785 280 St., Nevada, Iowa, 50201. Our mission is to grow healthy food that tastes the best. To do that we choose plants that have natural resistance to pests, monitor environmental conditions, and use a minimum of controls, including biological and organic. This is an Integrated Pest Management approach that keeps our pest population at an acceptable level with minimal use of pesticides. We specialize in growing food that is high in health benefits such as vitamin C, antioxidants, high fiber, etc. We believe that whole foods which contain healthy properties is the natural way to good health. We recently have added more greenhouses and high tunnels to help us extend our season.
Description: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, blueberries,rhubarb, apples (many varieties)
Description: : We rotate our crops, and use a great deal of compost, before and after planting. We have received several soil conservation awards, and continue to farm in a sustainable manner. As mentioned above, we follow an Integrated Pest Management philosophy here. IPM uses current information from our scouting and sensors which monitor heat, humidity,rainfall, wetting periods. That information is checked on our computer models to predict when controls are necessary.
This eliminates the use of any controls until needed. We manage pest and disease damage by the most environmentally friendly methods (bio controls, organic, and conventional). It is interesting to note that our cultural practices result in much less spraying than organic. We know that there is confusion about "spraying". Moderation is our motto, and we know that we are better than organic.
Title: Blue Gate Garden
Blue Gate Garden
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Jill Beebout
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 641-203-1709
Title: Broadhorn Farm
Broadhorn Farm
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Brian Donaghy
Contact E-Mail:,
Contact Phone: 515-765-4060
Description: Raising grass-fed beef in sustainable, eco-friendly environment and according to animal welfare practices is of the utmost importance to the families that live and work on Broadhorn Farm. Our Belted Galloway cattle or "oreo" cows are ideal for juicy, tender, all grass-fed beef. As a community we value integrity, hard work and commitment to both planet and people. Raising grass-fed beef enables us to live the quality of life that we desire. We welcome your questions or comments about Broadhorn Farm and look forward to making friends and customers for life.
Description: Grass-Fed Beef
Description: All natural grass-fed beef. Belted Galloways or "oreo" cows are ideal for juicy, tender all grass-fed beef. We don’t use growth hormones or routine antibiotics. We produce a product that is healthy for human consumption because the animal is raised on pasture. WE use very limited grains when pastures are not at optimal condition but continue to feed grasses and forages throughout the winter months.
Title: Clarion Sage
Clarion Sage
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Jenn and Cody
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone:
Description: What’s in a name? Clarion speaks to the kind of soil on our farm, well-drained soil on uplands that formed in the glacial till–sediments left by glaciers settled over Iowa. It also has a more sentimental meaning; Jenn’s grandfather was born and raised in the small town of Clarion, Iowa on his family’s farm. After a World War II stint in the Navy, he was supposed to return to his hometown and farm for a living, but his parents’ health failed and the farm was sold. Naming our operation after his memory is a nod to the role he played in Jenn’s life and a connection with past Iowa/farming generations. Sage is an herb we all love; it is one of the first seedlings transplanted here when we arrived in August. Additionally, in our endeavor, we will heed the sage, or wisdom, of the past by using organic, low-impact methods of farming; methods that build up the soil, rather than deplete, by using seeds that have resulted from nature’s selection rather than the ‘technology’ of modern plant breeding, mulching to conserve water usage, and making fresh food available locally, as opposed to food that travels a thousand miles.
Description: We are focusing on providing staple items this year, with many variations: green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, garlic (elephant, traditional, green), herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, parsley), kale, lettuce (head, leaf, salad mixes, arugula), melons (cantaloupe, watermelons), onions (yellow, red, green), peas (sugar snap), peppers (hot and sweet), potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, summer and winter squash, sweet corn, sunflowers, wildflowers (cut flowers)
Description: Locally grown, natural, chemical-free food
Title: Cleverley Farms
Cleverley Farms
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Larry Cleverly
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone:
Description: Chemical-free specialty produce farm and distributor for La Quercia. 2013 is our 17th year in business. We sell wholesale to the finest independent resturants in Central Iowa and have had a stand at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers market since 1997.
Description: Shell and snap peas, baby chioggia beats, fava beans, head lettuce, arugula, wasabi mustard greens, kale, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers.
Title: Cory Family Farm
Cory Family Farm
Website URL:
Contact Person First Name: Thomas and Mary Cory
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone: 515-367-2000
Description: We are a family farming operation located in NE Polk County in Central Iowa. The farm’s name originally was Prairie Hill Farm. After 20+ years of direct marketing grass fed meat, we are transitioning to a U-Pick Flower Farm in 2019.
Description: beef sticks
Description: Our lambs and goats have access to pasture year around. There is shelter available during inclement weather. Our animals are fed chemical-free grass and hay and supplemented with non-GMO corn. There is no soy in their diet. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones. We believe in building up the immune system of our animals naturally through soil fertility and probiotics. Our lambs, goats and beef are processed at the Mingo Locker which is a state inspected facility. We now have grass-finished beef available. The beef was raised exclusively on all-natural, chemical-free grass/legume pasture, received no antibiotics or growth hormones.
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