Focus Areas

Food Access

Are you a local restaurant or grocery store wanting to purchase from a local grower? Do you need to find a food pantry or free meal site? Use our maps to help you find what you need and get connected. Whether you are a restaurant, grocery store or caterer looking to serve local food or trying to find a free meal site, we can help you get connected. Eat Greater Des Moines will help foster these connections and will ensure food access for Central Iowans.


Eat Greater Des Moines will support your local gardens at schools, communities, churches or corporate giving gardens in several ways. We seek to help connect funders and volunteers to growers, as well as to identify and connect resources to growers to keep their gardens thriving. Our main goal is to work to support and keep these local gardens successful and sustainable.

Local Foods

Eat Greater Des Moines’s role is to help connect consumers to local growers. This supports local growers and keeps the community happy and healthy. Buying food from local producers supports the farming community in your area and keeps them from moving to other states with a bigger agricultural market. It is also healthier and safer for consumers as the food will not have to travel far to get from the fields to your dinner table.