Food Rescue

How We Work

Through various initiatives, we direct unsellable fresh, healthy food to those who need it. 

What is food rescue?

In the food business, predicting exact levels of demand can be a challenge. As a result, there is often extra food left unsold at the end of a shift, event, or work day that goes to waste. 


Eat Greater Des Moines unites the community to rescue this extra food and distribute it to organizations that serve Iowans facing hunger. 

Who is a food rescue donor?

It’s simple! Any person/organization/business with extra food can be a food donor! This extra food can come from many places—the sandwiches or fruit after a shift at a convenient store, leftovers from a big event at an office or from a caterer, or crops lefts in a field after the initial harvest

Get involved!

As a food industry professional, you can make surplus prepared food donation a standard business practice in your workplace. Food donors benefit from the safeguards afforded by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, which protects those who donate food in good faith to non-profit organizations.
To get started, download the ChowBank application on your phone or create an account online and get registered as a donor.
If you have a regular food rescue opportunity and you need help finding a recipient match, email and let us know! 
For Social Service Professionals

Want to become a recipient location for food rescue or need to expand? Take our Needs Assessment and see how we can help! 


You can also download the ChowBank application and get registered as a recipient to immediately begin receiving notifications of food available.