With the uncertainty that COVID-19 is causing within our food system, our gleaning program is more important than ever. We are ramping up our efforts to make sure perfectly good food isn’t left to go to waste. But we need YOUR help. 

Are you a farmer or gardener with extra crops? Learn more about how we can help you and set up a gleaning operation today!

We need volunteers for the growing/harvest season. Sign up to receive volunteer opportunities for upcoming gleaning events!

What is it?

Gleaning is the practice of harvesting left-behind produce from farms that is not sellable and redistributing it to organizations and people in need. Either these crops are “seconds” and have minor flaws, or there is no market for the amount of crops grown. 


With the help of volunteer “gleaners” we head to the farm and spend the day harvesting, sorting, and packaging the fruits or vegetables. Once harvested, the produce is typically donated to food pantries and other organizations that use it for community meals or to give to clients directly. It’s a win/win/win to reduce food waste, create a new market for farmers and get healthy, LOCAL produce to more Iowans!