Transportation Program

Eat Greater Des Moines’ Food Rescue Transportation program launched as a pilot program in April 2018. After years of work to building food rescue relationships between food businesses and recipient organizations, it was clear our system was stuck. Traditionally, food donors require the organization planning to distribute the food donation to pick up donations themselves. With a majority of organizations lacking staff or volunteer capacity to consistently pick up food donations, millions of pounds continue to be wasted. 

The goal of the Food Rescue Transportation Program is to make it easier for organizations WITH food to donate AND make it easier for organizations to get the food they NEED.  

Our food recovery service empowers non-traditional partners to further support their clients by making access to quality food easy, safe, and dignified. When building our pilot program, we asked ourselves – where do people already gather?

Could we put food there, keep it safe, and make it easy for people to take and consume in a dignified manner?

What we found was – YES!

Since launching the program, almost 1 MILLION meals have been picked up and delivered to locations throughout the region. Locations include affordable housing communities, schools, faith-based organizations, and food pantries. 

Is Your Grocer or Convenience Store a Food Rescue Partner?

Any location with food can be a food rescue donor. As a consumer YOU make the difference. Ask!