Griffieon Family Farm

Griffieon Family Farm

Farm Address: 11655 NE 6th Street, Ankeny, IA, 50023
Farm Owners: LaVon Griffieon
Email Addresses:
Phone Numbers: 
(515) 964-0876 (home)
(515) 971-1428 (cell)
Description: Our family has been farming in the Ankeny area since 1871. Our farm was designated a Century Farm in 2002. My husband, Craig, farms conventionally. In 1996 my son, Nick, started raising pastured chickens. That project has grown into a family business that markets antibiotic-free, no-hormone-added meats,soaps, lotions and other farm products.
Farm Practices: Our Limousin beef calves are born on our farm, raised on pasture until they are weaned and then are fed in a pen near our silos for about 9 months. They are fed corn silage mixed with cracked corn, soybean meal and minerals. We grind and mix our own feed on the farm and the grain is non-GMO.

We also pasture our poultry and supplement it with ground corn and soybean meal that is GMO-free.

Our Katahdin lamb is 100% grass fed.

Our pigs are fed ground corn and soybean meal which is also non-GMO.

Additional Information: My daughter, Autumn, makes a variety of soaps from the animal fat. She also makes lotions and lip balm. Aunt Lorraine loves to sew and stitch, so replenish those kitchen towels you got for your bridal shower or those pot holders that have worn thin with some new ones!