Local Farm Updates During COVID-19

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It’s April in Iowa and that means it’s the start of the growing season! A lot is unsure right now, especially when it comes to farmers’ markets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase local foods! 

Some farms and farm stands are beginning to shift how they are are operating from going online to offering home delivery. We’ve compiled a list of updates from some local farmers so you can stay up-to-date. Thanks for shopping local! 


Ray Family Farms: We are a local indoor farm specializing in microgreens, available year round. You can order though our website and the Iowa Food Cooperative. Also available is our Grow at Home kit and a pay-as-you-go CSA subscription. Check out our website for more info and as always, free local delivery!


MmMmGOOD-hue Produce: Watch our Facebook page for further details concerning the coronavirus of 2020 and any new updates we may have for the coming season. On site pick up as usual, with the change in that everything will be bagged so customers may “grab and go.” Employees will wear gloves and will choose the best produce possible, weigh the product if needed, and bag all items for the customer. This will help with touch contamination of all foods. 


Cricket’s Gardens: Going to attempt on farm egg sales while maintaining social distancing.  Disinfecting hands and foot handles when doing egg delivery to one  customer.  I have no business hours established. Call to set something up. (641) 757-0335 or (641) 747-2214


Berry Patch: Changes are unknown at this time, check website for updates. 


Balance Autism Farm and Greenhouse: CSA for 2020 has been cancelled.  Transplants and hanging  baskets are still available. Plant sale is planned for May.


Wild Rose Pastures: We sell through the Iowa Food Cooperative, and we do direct to customer sales with free delivery over $100 and $50 for customers over 65. 


Prudent Produce: Prudent has always been delivery-based. Enhanced sanitation efforts due to COVID-19, but no major changes to the business model.


Wabi Sabi Farm: We are working hard to provide our Community with FOOD and constantly adapting how we can get our Locally grown and Certified Organic FOOD to everyone!  Our On Farm Plant Sales are cancelled for this year but we’re finishing up putting systems in place for On-line ordering/payment and doing home deliveries.  We’re also finalizing an On-line Farmer’s Market option on our website working with other DSM Farmers Market friends to offer as many DSM Farmers Market products as possible, also with home delivery.  Currently we are still planning to deliver our Customizable Farm Shares to our drop sites, but may offer home delivery.  We just bought a “truck load” of rigid plastic totes to pack Shares into because they are more reusable and easier to power wash/sanitize than the cardboard boxes we’ve used in previous seasons.  We’re also operating with a “bare bones” Farm Crew right now to keep up with social distancing recommendations.  All plantings are on schedule but we ask folks for patience as we try and find the time to add these new options onto our website and figure out all the logistics. 


Sweet Tooth Farm: We are increasing our offering of inventory online, as well as boxed offerings that are pre-arranged and available for contact-less pick up.


DogPatch Urban Gardens: The online store is OPEN for shopping from Saturday – Wednesday at noon.  The store will close at noon, so we can fill orders and be ready for pick up the following Saturday.


Lutheran Services in Iowa-Global Greens: Global Greens CSA-offering home delivery throughout all of Des Moines–with a delivery fee.Global Greens Farmers’ Market – undecided. 


Star Grass Farm: Delivery options. On site pick up. 


Racoon Forks Farms: Many of our regular CSA pick-up sites are closed or have reduced their hours, so for the time being, we’re delivering CSA shares out of our own delivery van.  When COVID-19 precautions are no longer necessary, we’ll return to our regular CSA pick-up sites. 


Crooked Gap Farms:We are doing more frequent pop-up markets and pre-order deliveries to the Des Moines area (The Cheese Shop, The Cheese Bar, Midwest Acupuncture). We are continuing to offer pasture raised meats and will have whole chickens available at the beginning of May along with our usual pork (and beef/lamb).


Pinecrest Farm:  Cutting back on our farm business. For now we are not marketing garden produce. We occasionally have goat meat for sale now, but not on a large scale. 


Nebullum: Nebullam, Inc., an emerging indoor farming company located in the Iowa State University (ISU) Research Park, launched a delivery service of its fresh food products to Central Iowa residents, to ensure that Iowans have access to locally grown lettuce, herbs, and microgreens during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as year-round. Nebullam was founded in 2017 with a primary focus of improving indoor farming technologies to help indoor farm owners and operators become profitable, faster. Today, Nebullam owns and operates its own indoor farm within the Iowa State University Research Park.


Use our find food map to find more local producers in your area.

Know of a place that has COVID-19 updates or don’t see the name of your farm? Email jprobst@eatgreaterdesmoines.org and we’ll get you added to the list. 

Joie Probst

Joie Probst

Communications & Outreach Manager