Crooked Gap Farm Meat CSA

Posted on: 9th August 2016
Contact Person(s): Ethan and Rebecca Book
Email Addresses:
Phone Numbers: 641-891-2112
Farm Description: Crooked Gap Farm is located on the “Crooked Road to Melcher”, just outside of Knoxville, IA, among the winding roads and rolling hills of Central Marion County. We are a pasture based farm raising heritage and rare breed meats that include woodlot/pastured pork, grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured poultry. Our desire is to create a farm that thrives in the intricacies of God’s beautiful creation and that is a sustainable part of our local community. We not only want to provide healthy, great tasting food to our customers, but hope to get to know you as you come visit our farm.
Share Price and Duration: 
Full Subscription: $1325 / 24 shares ~ 216 lbs of meat (price can be prorated to complete calendar year)
Half Subscription: $700 / 24 shares~ 108 lbs of meat (price can be prorated to complete calendar year)
Quarter Subscription: $360 / 12 shares ~ 54 lbs of meat (price can be prorated to complete calendar year)
Share Description: Our Crooked Gap Farm Meat CSA features our woodlot/pasture pork while including cuts from our grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured broilers, and pastured guinea fowl.
Farm Practices: Our pigs live outside year around and reside in our pasture edged woods spring through fall. Our ruminants (cattle and sheep) are not given any grains. They enjoy the forages our pasture provides and are moved daily, up to 3 times, to fresh grass. Our poultry enjoy the fresh grasses and forages of our pastures.
Associated Farm: Crooked Gap Farm
Pick-Up Site(s): 
The Cheese Shop, First and Third Thursday of the month, 833 42nd St., Des Moines, IA, 50312
Knoxville option, arranged pickup after the first and third Tuesday of the month, Knoxville, IA, 50138
Pella, First Tuesday of the month, Pella, IA, 50219
Breakthrough Performance Center, Third Friday of the month, Urbandale, IA
Availability of CSA Shares: Shares still available