Glenwood Century Farm

Posted on: 27th May 2016
Farm Address: 2162 Stanley Mill Rd., Albion, IA, 50005
Farm Owners: Wade Dooley
Email Addresses:
Phone Numbers: 
(641) 488-2217 (home)
(641) 751-4016 (cell)
Description: Our farm has been in the family for 6 generations. We are situated along the Iowa River, and have both bottom- and up-land. We have raised cattle, row-crops, and truck crops since the land was homesteaded back in the 1800s. Our family has a long history of selling food and other products directly to the consumer. We are very pleased that the IFC has given us this opportunity to broaden our connection with those around us! Knowing who grows your food, as well as how it is grown, is an important aspect of this Cooperative. Your farmers from Glenwood Century farm are Wade Dooley and his parents, Alan and Mary.

Alan and Mary transitioned into our farm in the 1970s, as Mary’s parents retired. Since that time, our farm has weathered economic crises and a multitude of natural disasters, and is stronger because of it. We have shifted focus several times, due to changing market trends and other factors. Currently, we are in the process of shifting again, as Wade transitions into the farm.

We will offer an array of products to you as the seasons progress. We hope to see you soon!

Representative Products: Watermelons, muskmelons, winter squash, indian corn, squirrel corn, popcorn, beef
Farm Practices: Currently, all of our crops are produced conventionally, with several different tillage practices, depending on the crop and the land. As you know, every year is different, so we “roll with the punches”.

All of our garden produce comes from Wade’s market garden, grown in fertile, healthy soils. We have placed a priority on the continuous improvement of our growing environment. The market garden is rotated from one field to another, every year, which helps reduce the need for many pest control practices.

Additional Information: Our goal is to become more sustainable, in tune with the land and our neighbor’s needs. As the seasons progress, so do our product offerings.