Maasdam Sorghum Mills

Posted on: 27th May 2016
Farm Address: 6495 E 13nd St S, Lynnville, IA, 50153
Farm Owners: Jennifer Kramer
Email Addresses:
Phone Numbers: 
(641) 594-4369 (home)
(641) 594-4368 (fax)
Description: The Maasdam Sorghum Mill is a family owned corporation. The family has made sorghum every year since 1926. The 7th generation is now starting to learn the process of this old-fashioned product.
Representative Products: Pure Sorghum Syrup
Farm Practices: The Maasdam Sorghum Mill is directly involved in the making of sorghum from start to finish. We raise the cane, harvest it, press it, boil it, bottle it and deliver it. We take pride in the process and want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the quality of the sorghum.
Ingredients: Pure Sorghum Syrup
Additional Information: Many people confuse sorghum and molasses. They are different. Sorghum comes from a sweet sorghum cane. The cane is pressed for the juice which is then boiled to a syrup. Molasses comes from sugar cane. The cane is pressed and the juice is boiled. The crystalized sugar is then extracted and what is left is the dark syrup molasses.