Timber Ridge Cattle Co.

Posted on: 27th May 2016
Farm Address: 2013 Hwy 69, Osceola, IA, 50213
Farm Owners: Peter Woltz
Email Addresses: peter.woltz@timberridgecattle.com
Phone Numbers: (515) 314-2478 (home)
Description: Several years ago we sold a family owned commercial feedlot. The commercial feedlot was run to maximize cattle gains, optimize pen space, and keep cattle alive and performing well by using an aggressive antibiotic program. It was a daily exercise in crisis management! In 2006 we started Timber Ridge Cattle Co. and devoted a significant proportion of the operation to the production of a more healthy beef product both in terms of the cattle and the meat. Published studies at that time by KSU showed significant improvement in herd health and an increase in the Omega’3 fatty acids in the beef muscle by feeding flax-seed in the ration. We began implementing these feeding practices along with a strict no hormone, antibiotic on an as-needed basis, and no feed additive(ionophores) policy. The results have been encouraging. ISU testing of our first flax-fed beef showed a 300% increase in Omega 3’s and a 5 – 1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. More recently, improved flax grinding processes have resulted in a 5X higher Omega 3 level (50 mg/1.25oz serving) and a 3-1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio We continue to refine our flax supplement to make more of the flax seed’s alpha linolenic acid available to the cattle’s digestive system.

We chose the smoked meat process to deliver our high omega 3 beef to the consumer because of it’s use of low heat. High heat will convert healthy fats into unhealthy trans-fats. We currently offer six delicious flavors of beef sticks, four flavors of summer sausage, brats, franks, and hamburger.

We feel as though our pasture raised flax-fed beef program has turned us 180 degrees from the old commercial feedlot days. As word spreads and demand increases, we hope to transition our entire operation to these “healthy beef” practices.

Representative Products: Smoked meats from all natural pasture-raised cattle that are hand fed a specially formulated flax seed supplement to increase Omega 3’s.
Farm Practices: Prior to 2011, we purchased un-weened naturally raised calves from a neighbor (Dennis Bethards) 1/4 mi. from our farm. As of Spring 2011 the beef used in our products is home raised. We then graze/feed them to approximately 1100 lbs. A special flax seed/vitamin E(antioxidant) supplement is hand-fed to our beef. Aside from the noticeable health benefits to the cattle, ISU testing has shown a 500% increase in the Omega 3 fatty acids as well as a 5 to 1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. Our farm is registered with USDA in the Never-Ever-Three program, an all natural 3d party audited program. In 2011 we had our flax feeding program certified by same 3rd party, IMI Global’s Where Food Comes From. The our flax-fed beef is processed by a USDA inspected locker, Thomas Quality Meats of Ridgeway, MO. and smoked by Westerns Smokehouse of Greentop, MO. We use the whole beef trimmed to 90% lean for our smoked and ground beef products to insure a lean high quality product.
Ingredients: Our smoked products contain no MSG or Sodium Nitrite. Instead, celery juice is used as a natural source of nitrate. In addition to ground flax seed, our cattle are fed vitamin E each day they are on the farm. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and has been shown to increase shelf life of meats and inhibit any negative effects of nitrites. With the many healthy benefits present in our meats, we wanted a product that could be packed in lunch boxes, taken on hikes and runs, and carried by dieters.
Additional Information: Our feeding practices attempt create a consistently lean product while maximizing the omega-3 fatty acid levels in our beef.