Meet Azeria, Yagein, and Dah!

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Eat Greater Des Moines is excited to introduce to you our three new student interns! The students got involved through employment programs that offered them part-time work experience during the summer to help them pave the way towards adulthood. Keep reading to learn a little more about them! 

Dah Meh, a junior at Hoover High School, also got connected with us through the E.K.D. Summer Youth Experience Program. Someday, she wants to own and run a business that she is proud of. 

“To me, food is comfort and, and that is important to me. I enjoy cooking, and whether I’m in the kitchen or assisting with food service, I feel needed and inspired.”

Yagein Abdallah is a senior at Roosevelt High School and got connected to EGDM through Oakridge Neighborhood’s Youth Summer Employment Program. Abdallah, fluent in Arabic, dreams of being a translator and surgeon someday. 

“Food is very important to me because it provides energy to do our daily activities, growth, and all functions of the body.”

Azeria Mbuthia is a junior at Roosevelt High School and got connected with EGDM through the E.K.D. Summer Youth Experience Program. In her free time, Azeria loves to watch true crime documents and dreams of being a criminal psychologist in the future. 

“My favorite memory with food is Bake Day with my family, every year on the 20th of December. My family and I bake cookies, cakes, and all sorts of desserts for Christmas. My favorite dessert we make is a dessert we create called happy accidents.”

We are looking forward to all of the wonderful work these three do alongside Eat Greater Des Moines this summer. Keep an eye out for updates on the awesome work that they do!