Meet our Drake Engaged Citizen Corps Student, Mya!

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Meet the Team

In August, we welcomed Mya Pozzini to the small but mighty EGDM Team! Originally from Woodburry, Minnesota, she is currently a freshman at Drake University and is studying Actuarial Science.

Mya will be working with EGDM over the next year through Drake Engaged Citizen Corps, a program for first-year students that combines civic engagement and academics. Students are paired with non-profits across the metro through the Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program and work on a service project during the academic year. Students learn about social justice issues in the classroom while simultaneously gaining invaluable hands-on experience out in their community.


What do you do at Eat Greater Des Moines? 

I work with the food recovery program and I am working on creating a toolkit for a future program!


How did you get involved with Drake Engaged Citizen Corps? 

 I was part of my high school student council, National Honors Society and I did a senior volunteer Capstone for my Spanish immersion course so I really fell in love with volunteering and helping out my community.  I wanted to be able to help the community wherever I go for college and when I decided to go to Drake my advisor told me about Engaged Citizen Corps and that I should apply.


What do you hope to gain during your time at Eat Greater Des Moines?

I hope to gain more knowledge on food waste and food recovery. And I hope to expand my professional skillset such as communication skills and good teamwork and work ethic.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

I speak Spanish!!



Keep an eye out for updates on the awesome work that Mya is doing!