Meet our new Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Lauren!

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It is an exciting week at Eat Greater Des Moines! We are welcoming two new employees to the EGDM team and today we welcome Lauren Kimm, our new Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

Lauren will manage the digital and traditional communications and messaging for Eat Greater Des Moines. Working to develop effective outreach strategies through targeted communications and expand our online presence and greater visibility among primary stakeholders, the media and allied organizations. We are so lucky to have Lauren joining us! 

Learn a little bit about Lauren: 

Where are you from? Where did you go to school?

  1. I grew up in Parkersburg, IA and went to school at Central College in Pella, IA. I double majored in Sociology and Business Management with emphases in Marketing and Non-Profit Management.

What will you be working on with Eat Greater Des Moines?

  1. I am the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Eat Greater Des Moines. My main responsibilities will be engaging with our community members via social media, updating and managing the EGDM website, and working with community partners.

What are you most excited for?

  1. I am excited to be working with an organization as passionate and trendsetting as EGDM. I hope to gain a lot of hands-on experience in a variety of new fields while working within a small organization.

Share a fun fact or favorite food memory! 

  1. My interesting fact is that I LOVE all fruits, but dislike 99% of all vegetables. I could live off of fruit entirely, but somehow can’t find a way to enjoy veggies.


Keep an eye out for updates on the awesome work that Lauren is doing and check back later this week to meet our other new staff member!

Emma Gellerstedt

Emma Gellerstedt

Eat Greater Des Moines Intern