Meet our new Delivery Driver, Dave!

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Eat Greater Des Moines is thrilled to welcome a new face to the team. Dave will be joining the EGDM family as our new delivery driver. Dave is originally from West Des Moines. After his niece encouraged him to get involved with EGDM, he started helping out with loading USDA Farm to Family boxes during Operation: Fresh Produce Drop.

Learn more about Dave:

What made you want to join the EGDM team?

Volunteering last fall and winter with EGDM was a great experience.  I loaded boxes but also ended up doing deliveries as well.  That gave me a more direct connection to the people with food insecurity. 

What are you most excited about? 

Being able to connect food recovery with people in need is a wonderful mission.

Share a favorite food memory!

This summer on RAGBRAI I was on a mission to get sweet corn.  The first sweet corn stand I saw was not quite ready to serve.  I ended up helping the locals shuck corn fresh from the field.  Then I ate freshly boiled sweet corn!  Dunked in butter of course!

Keep your eyes peeled for Dave driving Barry! His help is a huge part of completing our food rescue routes and delivering food to our partner organizations. We are excited to have you, Dave.