Meet our new Drake Engaged Citizen Corps Student, DJ!

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Eat Greater Des Moines is happy to announce that we have recently, we welcomed Devyn (DJ) Henson to the EGDM Team! DJ is originally from Peoria, Illinois. She is a freshman at Drake this fall, double majoring in Physics and Astronomy with a concentration in Leadership Development.

DJ was introduced to EGDM through the Drake Engaged Citizen Corps, a program for first-year students that combines civic engagement and academics. Students are paired with non-profits across the metro through the Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program and work on a service project during the academic year. Students learn about social justice issues in the classroom while simultaneously gaining invaluable hands-on experience out in their community. We are so lucky to have DJ joining us! 

Why did you enroll in Drake Engaged Citizen Corps Program?

I enrolled in the ECC because it felt like the right thing to do. It is something that aligns very well with my own beliefs and skillset, and it is an organization where I felt I could make a difference in a meaningful way.


What project will you be working on at Eat Greater Des Moines?

At Eat Greater Des Moines, I will be implementing a Food Rescue Ambassador Program, complete with a toolkit for the general public. It will include information on Food Rescue initiatives, as well as how to support EGDM in the community.


What do you hope to gain during your time at Eat Greater Des Moines?

During my time with Eat Greater Des Moines, I hope to improve my ability to collaborate in a team setting, increase my understanding of community needs, and more accurately define my role within the communities I am a part of.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

One thing about me that isn’t on my resume is that I cannot whistle. A resume is a list of things people can do, not a list of things people can’t do. Though my inability to whistle is not exceptionally important in most contexts, it is at the top of a long, long list of things I do not have the power to do. I believe this is something that is important to understand.


Keep an eye out for updates on the awesome work that DJ is doing!

Emma Gellerstedt

Emma Gellerstedt

Eat Greater Des Moines Intern