Operation: Fresh Produce Drop—Week #2

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Yesterday team EGDM was at it again for the second week, unloading and distributing fresh fruits and veggies from Loffredo Fresh Foods! This week we distributed 283 cases of produce or 8,628 pounds to 18 organizations! From jumbo asparagus to bags of onions and fresh lettuce, plus pineapple and tons of different types of apples—there was something for everyone!

With last week’s success, Operation: Fresh Produce Drop has continued to grow. EGDM coordinated with the different organizations and worked as the middleman to bulk purchase cases of fresh produce at a discounted price. At only  $4 a case, these organizations are able to help supplement their clients and programming to get more healthy foods to those in need.

Nick Kuhn, co-owner of The Hall and the president of Justice League of Food allowed us to use the space in Valley Junction to more easily unload the produce with less people to mitigate any potential spread. We also shifted to a drive-thru pick-up where representatives from the different organizations pulled their cars to the loading area and three volunteers loaded the vehicles.

Eat Greater Des Moines is excited to watch the Operation: Fresh Produce Drop program grow each week by  continuing to collaborate with all of our incredible partners to help get fresh fruits and veggies to our neighbors in need! Thanks to the Delta Dental Foundation for funding to support this important work.

Help support our efforts:

  • + Donate to help us purchase more fresh fruit & veggies for organizations that need it
  • + Have a truck? Volunteer your time to help unload and deliver product. Contact swilliams@eatgreaterdesmoines.org
Joie Probst

Joie Probst

Communications & Outreach Manager